Bryan Anthonys Stay Grounded Necklace (Rose Gold)

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Life can have a way of testing you — it can be hard to navigate what’s truly important. Sometimes the waves of others can persuade you to drift in a different direction than where your heart wants you to go. You must have the wisdom to ask yourself what is important and be brave enough to adjust your life around the answer. Always be true to yourself and what your heart believes. Follow your vision. Discover what aligns with your soul. Find your center. Find what anchors you — what keeps you focused and living in the now. It doesn’t matter the size of the storm, strength of the tide, or power of the wave. You are your own anchor — and if you stay grounded, nothing will be able to weigh you down

  • Made In America
  • Length: 18"
  • Materials: Metal, Rose Gold Finish (Nickel Free)

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