Aqua de SOi® Lavender Provence 9oz Soy Candle

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Inspired by the passion for fragrance, love of exotic travel and strive for clean living. Aqua de SOi’s beautiful packaging and exotic fragrances will create a luxurious environment for everyday living wherever you choose.

Lavender Provence is a soothing blend of French lavender with hints of lavender jam and a sprinkle of cool spearmint in a 9oz decorative tin that can be reused to store odds and ends, house a small plant, and more!

Aqua de SOi candles are hand-poured using 100%, FDA approved, kosher soy oil and burn cleaner than paraffin-based candles. These candles will burn about approximately 40% longer than wax candles, are soot-free and do not emit any harmful toxins (such as Benzene) into your home.

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