Spring Break Getaway

Spring Break

Hey Spring Breakers...it's almost time for that long awaited trip! Are you one of those folks that only plan a summer trip or are you one of the many that plan a spring break getaway? Or are you lucky enough to do both : ) Do you shy away from the crowds and the chaos or do you dive head first into all that Spring Break is? Either way, we have your checklist for some of the best things that you will definitely need for your getaway!

First up and most important is your beach bag! This is the item that will get the biggest workout in your travels. We have a great selection of bags, totes and backpacks from brands like Billabong, Las Bayadas and Senor Lopez. We have market bags, leather handled bags, straw bags, totes, festival backpacks, bum bags and we even have eco-friendly recycled plastic bag totes! You are sure to find something here that will be up to the challange of carrying all your gear! Oh, and don't forget your beach towel! Sure you could use the white hotel towel, but really?


Las Bayadas® El Marcelo City Bag

Las Bayadas® El Zipolite Recycled Beach Tote
Las Bayadas Beach Blankets

Billabong® Sun Seeker Straw Tote Bag

Billabong® High Summer Straw Tote


Senor Lopez Chimi Palmita Backpack

Senor Lopez Chimi Palmita Tote

Senor Lopez Originals

Senor Lopez Originals


Boho Festival Backpack

Boho Festival Bag

If you want to look like a movie star you are for sure going to need a floppy sun hat! They make you look absolutely beautiful my darlings and they keep the sun off your scalp! It's a win win!


Sun Hats

Next, you can't leave home without your best shades! They make you look cool and they can give off an air of mystery about you! We know you guys love your Ray-Bans or your Maui Jim's, but we have a few offerings for some sunglasses that if you lost them would not cause a panic!


Nectar® Tye Dye Festival Radioactive Sunglasses


Womens Dazey Shades Round Sunglasses


Women's Art Deco Aviator Sunglasses



Floral Fashion Sunglasses

Next up why not take a reusable water bottle with you! It costs a whole lot less and it's good for the environment and Mother Earth! There are many brands out there like Corkcicle, Swell and Yetti just to name a few, but we offer S'ip By Swell.

S'ip By Swell

S'ip By Swell Water Bottles

All of these things are great sure, but let's talk clothing! Depending on where you are going on Spring Break will depend on what clothing you will be taking with you! Perhaps the beach? Swimwear of course! Also a cover up is an added plus. Most anything you take can be a swim cover. Scarfs, sarongs, kimonos, shorts, sundresses, beach pants and even an oversized tee! We carry all these things here at Coral & Calypso (hint hint)! Be aware that you will be walking, walking, walking! We carry the most comfortable brand of footwear out there - OluKai! They are not only comfy but absolutely gorgeous as well! And when you need a pair of quick and easy shoes, we also carry flip flops by Billabong and Havaianas! Oh, and don't forget to pack your unmentionables ; )

Ok, now that we've got all that out of the way, here is a checklist for the things you may or may not remember to pack. I have tried to list all the things that I would need to bring, but I'm sure I will probably forget something along the way!

Personal Items (everything you use when you get ready in the morning or at night) and for us girls don't forget your "other" items

Prescriptions and a small, compact first aid kit (you just never know)

Headphones and chargers for all your tech goodies

A waterproof bag for wet swimsuits or clothes (you could "accidentally" fall in the water...hey, it could happen)

Of course, your passport if you are traveling abroad and now your vaccination card, hand sanitizer and a mask (thanks Covid)

Sun tan lotion (make sure you get one that is ocean and reef friendly)

And oh, a really good book! You are going to want to look studious when you are laying in your beach cabana!

And finally some parting advice! Leave those irreplaceable things at home that you would be heartbroken if they were lost or worse, stolen!

As I said, I'm sure I am forgetting something, so if you want to add to my list, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below and I will gladly add it to the list (if you would like me to give you all the credit you deserve then let me know if I can use your first name only or your state or whatever floats your boat)!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the Calypso Cove blog and I hope to see you around my little corner of the internet someday : )









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