Billabong DIY: Beaded Seashell Necklaces

If you are nostalgic for those beaded shell necklaces we used to rock during the Blue Crush era, we made some new ones! Read on for some inspiration, design tips, and step-by-step guide to make your own. If you make some, share them with us @coralandcalypso and also tag @billabongwomens, we’d love to see what you create! 

Supplies Needed:
(most of these supplies you can find in-store or online from your local craft or art store)

- Beading thread / wire
- Clasps, rings, & crimping beads
- Small set of pliers (like chain nose pliers) & scissors
- Small beads in the colors you love
- Seashells, with bead holes already drilled is best



Beads can often be really expensive, especially shells, so what we like to do is find vintage, previously loved necklaces at flea markets and deconstruct them for the beads. You can usually find so many necklaces that you wouldn’t actually wear, but are made up of great individual beads (especially shells!). Plus it’s always a great eco-friendly choice to give new life to an old object.




- Start by cutting a piece of string to your desired necklace length, making sure to leave a few extra inches of length on both ends to secure the clasp / ring

- String a crimping bead, loop the string through either a clasp or ring, and then back through the crimping bead again, and smash the crimping bead with your pliers, securing the string and ring / clasp into place.

- Use your small pliers to attach a ring to your seashell beads. Depending on where the hole is drilled into the shell, sometimes a ring won't fit, in which case  you can use thin jewelry-making / craft wire to create a custom ring that fits the shell size. Pliers and small wire cutters will come in handy for this step.

- String your beads until your necklace is your desired length.

- Finish off the necklace by stringing another crimping bead and either the ring or clasp (depending on which you started with), and secure it. 







Get creative with these! Make a choker to wear by itself, or make a few at different lengths to stack and wear as a set. Mix and match different colors. String the beads in a geometric, evenly spaced pattern, or get abstract with them and string them randomly... There is no wrong way to do it!





All photos courtesy of Billabong!

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