Billabong: DIY Fall Beach Wreaths

As summer fades, we’re all left with the remnants of those long days spent under the sun, toes in the sand and salt in our hair. That same feeling never leaves, and we find ourselves piecing together those memories of summer nights well spent, into creative evenings at home with our closest friends and family.

Here's a great DIY that we just had to share from Billabong!


We love a good fall DIY…made beachy of course. So, here’s our rendition of a fall favorite that will pair perfectly with your warm pumpkin spice latte.


 Here’s some basic things to get you started:

  • Dried palm leaves
  • Driftwood
  • Some jute string
  • A bit of floral wire if you have it (if not, string will work)
  • Hanging rope (or use the jute string)
  • A few dried sprigs of Pampas Grass
  • Some shells (optional)


Once vibrant and popping in green hues, the basis of our ‘beach wreaths’ are some sunburnt palm leaves and washed ashore driftwood secured together with jute string.

As a guide we suggest trying to use what you have without overthinking it! Make it your own by taking advantage of your neighbor’s much needed yard maintenance to make your beach wreath!  


Begin by tightly binding your driftwood pieces together using jute string.

Once the driftwood is secured together, position your dried palm leaves and overlap as needed for additional support. We used a bit of wire to poke holes through the palm leaves and fasten them to the driftwood!


Once the wreath is fully structured, you can add in some fun little flourishes like pampas grass in varying sizes and pop in some seashells for a bit of added texture!

Here’s to a fun, at home sustainable craft that can double as seasonal décor!

Let us know what kind of things you like to do or create once fall comes to your home!
All photos courtesy of Billabong!

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