Billabong: DIY Seashell Planter

These succulents just got a major upgrade! 


After you’ve had a successful day beach combing,  we suggest you buckle down and dive into this DIY.


Here’s our super simple beach-worthy seashell planter to help you bring the beach back home. 

Some basic supplies you’ll need:

  • Terra cotta pots (buy varying sizes if you wish!)
  • Seashells (pick something somewhat flat & uniformed in size)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Succulents & extra potting soil (preferably a cacti-mix)

Begin by arranging your shells by largest to smallest. This will give the shells a nice fit when gluing to your pot.

Now it’s time to glue! Using your hot glue gun, squeeze glue onto the bottom part of the shell and along the sides. Place the shell slightly overhanging to top of your pot, and repeat along the entire rim.

For the next row, glue the shells in the same way, and in between the shells on the row above.

Repeat this until you’ve covered the entire pot.


Now, it’s time to plant! We chose a single succulent for the small pot, and a mix of small and medium sizes for the larger one. Pour some cacti-soil into the bottom of your pot, gently loosen the roots of the succulent and add some top soil to finish!

All photos courtesy of Billabong!

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