Favorite Fall Beach Destinations

Ahhh, fall!!! What is it about fall that makes us all take a moment to reflect?

You think back and remember everything that has gone on the first half of the year and you start to think of things you will be doing for the rest of the year! I mean, it is a loaded calendar - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is the time of year when things start to go into high gear. There are parties to plan, gifts to buy, time to switch out your summer clothes for your fall wardrobe (if you do that sort of thing) and time to redo the decor for the holidays, but for some reason, for me at least, fall is different. Hopefully the worst of the heat is behind you and the kids are back in school! It's time for those Friday night lights football games, homecomings and maybe to start planning that long awaited vacation that you put off during the crowded summer months.

If you are a beach lover, such as myself, then fall is the perfect time for a get-away! The beaches aren't as crowded and the weather is going to be so much nicer! Of course the thought of a trip to the mountains sounds great and I go between would I rather visit the mountains or the beach. How about a cabin on the beach?? Anyway, I came across a list from Southern Living and thought this would give you a place to start planning your fall trip! Click here to check out all the great suggestions! Clicking on the click here link will take you to the Southern Living website.

Whether it be the mountains or the beach, please take a moment to share with us your favorite go-to place for the fall and don't forget to take a moment and reflect on all things wild and wonderful!

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