Have Yourself A Beachy Little Christmas...tree!

Ok, so when the thing that you love is the beach or anything coastal and your house is decked out with shells and rope (like mine lol), how does one go about decorating for the holidays?
Well, for starters, leave all the beach themed goodies out! Just add some Christmas greenery about, throw in some ornaments (coastal or not) here and there, tie some festive ribbon onto those coastal lanterns and voila you are ready for the holidays!
But what about your Christmas tree? Well, I scoured the internet (thank you to Southern Living, Coastal Living and everyone who posted their fabulous Christmas trees for me to find) and I am going to be showing you several coastal inspired trees that I absolutely fell in love with! It gave me some pretty good ideas about how to decorate and still keep in theme with your coastal cottage decor (of course you could put all the beachy stuff away, but that's a lot of work and why be untrue to yourself and your love of the ocean?).
So, I thought I would start simple and if this is as far as you get, you will still be in good shape! First up I saw this one and the only thing I saw on the tree was the beachy sign, but with the tree being white and adding only the sign, it looks like a coastal tree! Done - where's the snacks?

Alright, moving on... This next one is so simple (and I do love simple), yet it is the simplicity of it that makes me love it even more! Again, notice that the only thing coastal on this tree are the flamingo ornaments proving that you don't need a lot of beachy ornaments to make a statement. Of course as seen in a lot of these pictures, it definitely doesn't hurt to actually have the beach as your backdrop. But for those of us that are not that lucky we will continue on...

Again, another simple tree and this one actually has no coastal themed ornaments on it, but as you can see there is a gorgeous beach in the background and that's really all these next several ones need!

The surfboard in this photo is definitely a nice touch!

This next tree is for the majority of us that already have a slew of non-beachy christmas ornaments. They added a few starfish and a tree topper adorned with seashells giving the whole entire tree a nautical feel! How clever!

Again, no coastal ornaments yet notice the existing nautical rope and shells in the background and you automatically get the feeling it is a coastal tree!

I love this one! It looks like a real tree, they put it outside on their deck (again note the ocean), added some gorgeous lanterns, a basket and now again you're ready for more snacks!

I love how they match the presents to the color scheme in this one making this tree super cute!

Not only do these next two trees actually have coastal ornaments but they added some starfish to their blue wrapped presents and now everyone's getting shells for Christmas lol!

I love how they don't have a lot of ornaments on this one but added several large shells to the base for a nice coastal touch!

Several lobster adorn this tree and notice how they put starfish on their windowsills giving it just enough to say you love the ocean!

This is a small tree put into a cute seagrass basket with just enough coastal ornaments to not make it crowded and I love how they chose non-traditional colored wrapping paper on the presents!

These next two trees are simply adorable! Tabletop trees for really any room in the house, who would have thought?

This one is even in a bucket! So cute!

Here's a different spin on things - put a tree in your boat (if you have one) or just decorate any tree that you have in your yard!

I saved this next one for last because every Christmas tree should come equipped with an old dog! And if you look close enough you can see that his feet are wet, probably from playing in the ocean! That's one lucky dog and one lucky family to have him!

Well, I guess that's it for now! I really could go on and on but we are coming into the holiday season which means for most of us we will be busy doing one thing or another, but remember, in the next few weeks, take time to stop and breathe and remember that it's family and friends that make our house a home, not a tree!

If you enjoyed reading this blog or have a picture of your Christmas tree that you want to share, just fill in your information below and I hope you all have a Happy Holiday Season and the happiest of New Years!

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