Las Bayadas: My obsession with this Mexican Beach Blanket

My Las Bayadas Story

Anyone who used to shop in my brick and mortar store will undoubtedly know my obsession with Las Bayadas! I have had the privilege to carry these gorgeous Mexican Beach Blankets in my shop for six years now and I must tell you they have the most colorful and eye-catching stripes that you'll ever find! Stripes are their go-to pattern and they have an oh-so-soft texture. This light and lovely beach blanket is woven in Mexico, using recycled cotton and inspired by the traditional fabrics of the country. They're lightweight which makes them easy to carry wherever you roam! They have many uses so be creative! Take and use them on a picnic, use them as a wall hanging and decorate your room or throw them over a chair or sofa for a fun accent to your home!

You can even use them as a hair towel or cover the seats in your favorite ride with this beauty! You are only limited by your imagination!

I mean, what is not to love about Las Bayadas! Look at those colors!! Click here to see our Las Bayadas Collection and you will see what all the hype is about! They make a variety of amazing products! Not only do they make beautiful beach blankets, but they make several kinds of large, spacious beach bags as well.

The Bayadas Bag

The Bayadas Bag is made with the same fabric as a Las Bayadas beach blanket, so you can match it with your favorite Bayadas. The handles are reinforced with a special fabric to be more resistant so you can put in your bag everything you need for a beach day!

The Market Bag

 The Market Bag was created to be the perfect everyday bag, whether it’s for a day at the beach or out on the town.The Market bag is made inside and out with the same fabric as our Bayadas but reinforced with a special fabric that makes it firmer and more resistant (ideal for supermarket or office days) and they even added a small pocket inside to keep your money or phone in a safe place.

The City Bag

 The City Bag is made inside and out with the same fabric as the Bayadas but reinforced with a special fabric that makes it firmer and more resistant (ideal for office days). Its leather handles give it an elegant touch and make it very resistant, plus its size makes it quite practical and with great space.

 Recycled Plastic Beach Bag

These Recycled Plastic Beach Bags are inspired by the traditional Mexican errand bags. The designs are made by the Las Bayadas creative team giving them a modern touch! The bags are famous for being very resistant, practical and easy to keep clean. These bags are ideal for beach days (carrying your children’s beach toys) or for supermarket days. Supporting the environment, you can use these bags for your daily shopping avoiding using plastic bags.

And let's not forget these cuties......

Baby Bayadas Bag

Baby Bayadas Beach Blanket

The Baby Bayadas is full of cuteness! Because every member of the family deserves their own Bayadas, this was created especially for babies and kids. For their comfort this is a special size Bayadas just for them. To make this even more special for them there are pompoms all around the Bayadas blankets.

 I could go on and on about Las Bayadas and their colorful, happy products, but since we live in the world in which we do today, they have even had to adapt to this new normal way of life (as well as we all have had too), and recently have even added face masks to their ever growing list of amazing products.

 Adult Face Masks

Kids Face Masks


  The face masks by Las Bayadas were created with the leftover fabric from their beach bags and blankets. Avoiding throwing these small pieces of fabric in the trash, the idea of creating masks to protect their customers from COVID-19 was born. Las Bayadas face masks are made with fabric from their blankets on the outside, and a washable fabric on the inside. In support of people in need in Mexico, Las Bayadas decided to give away a mask for every sale of any of their mask kits.

 All of their products are made in Mexico and shipped here from Mexico to me so that Coral & Calypso can offer them to you! I love all their pretties and I love this company! I just can't get enough of them. I always tell them that whenever they get new items just let me know because they know I am going to have to have them! I love being able to share this awesome brand with you! I hope you are as excited to see how beautiful they are as I was the first time I laid my eyes on them and from that moment I was hooked! Here is their story, I hope you enjoy reading it....

"The Las Bayadas Story" as written by Las Bayadas

Las Bayadas was created eight years ago when the owners traveled to a small fishing village in Sayulita, Mexico, where they fell in love with the culture and living on the beach. It was there where they conceived of the perfect beach blanket.

Inspired by vibrant and colorful mexican fabrics traditionally used to decorate houses, Las Bayadas Beach Blankets are made in an authentic mexican workshop from eco yarn and recycled cotton, mixed with a small amount of acrylic for bright and everlasting colors.

For every Las Bayadas Blanket sold, 10% of the profits are donated to support a scholorship program for local mexican students attending the Costa Verde International School.

I hope you can see why I am honored to offer you Las Bayadas and I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts or comments, just leave them below. Thank you!


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