Pumpkin Paradise

The Autumn chill is in the air and Halloween night is drawing near! In the midst of goblins and ghouls, we'll jet off to paradise in this weeks blog! Find inspiration for coastal carved pumpkins to show off your seaside spirit.


Carve a.. Pineapple? Yes!

Pineapples can be carved the same way as pumpkins. Cut off the top, hollow 'em out, and carve! An easy substitute that's sure to please any beach bum. Best part is, you get a yummy tropical snack afterwords! Win win!


Painter's Paradise

If carving is a bit too intimidating, try a beach ball pumpkin! All it takes is a little bit of paint and some patience. These pumpkins will sit pretty on any beach-front property and not look a bit out of place. Credit : Paint the Gown Red


Coastal Carvings

Pumpkin carving gets a coastal chic upgrade! Click here for some cool coastal pumpkin ideas. You can almost feel the beachy breeze when looking at these gourds! The faint illumination from these autumnal carvings would make a great accent at any outdoor dinner party or set them on the porch steps to light the way in the night. Credit : Coastal Living


Carve a Wave

Once you've finished carving out this pumpkin and realize you'd rather be surfing, don't forget the Sun Bum! Credit : Sun Bum Instagram


Billabong Bliss

Rep your favorite coastal lovin' brand with this pumpkin featuring the iconic Billabong wave logo. From t-shirts to wetsuits, this wave has crashed it's way into California surf culture and is there to stay. Credit : Billabong Instagram


A Work of Arrrt

If you're feeling a bit more creative, take on this project! You'll wow trick-or-treaters as they step up to your door because this vessel of the sea also doubles as a candy bowl! Haul pirate plunder across the seven seas and right to your dinner table. Credit : Martha Stewart


Share your beachy Halloween creations with us!

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