Vacation or Staycation?

As the new year kicks off we are going into our third year of this pandemic and not one person on this planet is immune to its destructiveness. (I will refer to Covid as "it" in hopes of making it feel like an "outsider" that everyone wishes would go away). In this day and age of "its us against them and so on and so forth" it is ironic to think that this pandemic would put us all on the same side. Now "its all of us against it"! There is probably not one person on this planet that hasn't known of someone who has had it, passed away from it or is going through it now. It knows no boundaries and no limits. It regards not wealth nor social status. It does not discriminate! This is probably the one thing we should all take away from this! None of us want it but we should all be more like it!

As a small business owner of a beach shop, it is like a double edged sword for me and all those that deal in the hospitality industry. We depend on you to stay afloat. We love when you take our products with you in your travels and yet the last thing I would want is for someone to come down with it. So I am going to be listing some different options there are available so you can make the best choice for you or you and your family.

Since it began we have heard some new terms regarding travel plans and I just wanted to share them with you. Some you may have already heard and some may be new to you and I'm sure there are many that I haven't even heard of yet.

First one up is the one everyone knows...

Vacation - an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling or there's Vacay - a slang term making you sound cooler. What does a vacation mean to you? Planning a trip to some far off destination perhaps?

Or are you this person...

Staycation - a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. You can go somewhere new for a day, overnight, a week, or as long as you want! But the point is that you are staying in your general area. I personally would love to go to Greece some day but even before it was an issue I was afraid of flying over the ocean (which I know sounds weird for someone that owns a beach shop and loves the beach)!

This next one I had never heard of...

Nearcation - a vacation to a destination relatively close to one's home. I think a lot of people have done this one even before they gave it a cool name!

Also new to me is...

Daycation - a one day trip or vacation.


Holistay - a stay at home holiday.

So now that we have all the lingo down, what travel plans do you have in the works? Are you venturing far away or staying close to home?

Whichever one you are doing the one thing to remember is to go with caution. Maybe you are vaccinated, maybe you aren't. Maybe you wear a mask and use hand sanitizer every time you go out, maybe you've never used either one. We all have a choice and we all have to do what is right for each and everyone of us, but I still would implore that you try to be as safe as you possibly can. And if you travel somewhere far across the ocean say "Hi" for me when you get there!!

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