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Sarongs, scarves or wraps are the perfect summer accessory. They're an easy on, easy off way to cover up in-between dips in the pool, you can drape them over your shoulders when the sun starts to set and the breeze gets a little chilly, or you can even lay them across the sand for a quick place to sunbathe. In this blog, we're going to highlight some of our favorite uses for our lightweight fabrics, from wrapping them as a skirt to fighting off pests!

- Drop Anchor -

Havaianas Canga Floral Blue

Depending on the size of your sarong or scarf, they can make great beach towels when you may have forgotten to throw one in your beach bag! The Floral Canga from Havaianas is a great example of a lightweight, but high quality and sizable multi-functional sarong that can easily be thrown over the sand for a quick place to soak in some sun or have a beach picnic. The sand easily shakes out when you're ready to jet to the next stop, and the loose woven fabric makes for a quick drying towel when the saltwater calls.


 - Weather the Storm (and bugs!) -

Tickled Pink Floral Blue Insect Shield Scarf

We've all been there; you're sitting on the beach, watching the sun set over the horizon, when all of a sudden.. It's chilly and you're unprepared. When a day full of fun under the sun turns into an evening, or when the clouds roll in seemingly out of nowhere, a scarf is a non-committal way to keep the cool, salty breeze from cutting right through you! A scarf can be draped over the shoulders, legs, or worn as a true scarf around the neck. With pretty prints and trendy tassel and fringe accents, scarves can be thoughtful additions to multiple outfits. And we'll let you in on a beachcomber secret.. When we know we'll be outside, whether we're at the beach, park, by the pool, or anywhere in-between, scarves from Tickled Pink are our go-to outdoor scarves. They're lightweight, versatile, sizeable, and best of all they are available in a variety of colors, including vibrant florals, the only thing better than a fashionable accessory is a fashionable AND functional one!


 - Wrap It Up-

Billabong So Right Floral Sarong

Wearing sarongs, wraps, or scarves in place of an overswim top or dress is one of our favorite trends this summer. The lightweight fabrics don't sacrifice movability or style and add a free-flowing aspect to any bathing suit ensemble. They're easy on, easy off when you're jumping in and out of the pool, sunbathing, or shore-hopping. Once you dive into the art of tying the sarongs around your waist or hips in different ways, you'll be amazed at the versatility of this effortless beach accessory. You can even tie it up and around the neck to turn it into a mini dress beach cover up!

Havaianas Canga Floral Blue Overswim


- Top It Off -

Las Bayadas La Maricruz Colorful Mexican Beach Towel

When the humid air or salty water has done your hair in, there's no need to sacrifice your beach look. We love the style and creativity of using your towel, wrap, or scarf to top off your balmy summer look. Choose a neutral solid for an everyday, goes-with-anything look, a feminine floral, or a bright and happy print. Just like wearing a sarong as a swim cover, there's endless ways to wrap and style, so don't be afraid to get creative! Check out our gorgeous beach towels from our Las Bayadas Collection.


Do you have another creative use for a sarong, wrap, or scarf? Share it with us in the comments below!

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